Best Shooting Sticks for Elk Hunting – Review in 2023

If ever your goal is to make a clean, good, and ethical shot, you probably need to obtain the shooting sticks for elk hunting. It’s not an easy task given the numerous options in the market.

But with the right knowledge of a certain product, you can always get what you deserve. And yes, it is very crucial to consider only the best because elks are not easy to hunt.

Well, anyway, if you want to try other targets, you should also have equipment that is versatile enough to fit your changing moods. Lastly, if you want to make the most out of it, look for a multi-functional stick.

Best Shooting Sticks for Elk Hunting – Comparison

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Top 10 Shooting Sticks for Elk Hunting Review

top Elk Hunting sticks

In this guide, we will find out some of the top options in the market. Each comes with great features as well as major drawbacks. Depending on your preference, you have to choose something worth it!

1. BOG-Pod CLD Camo Shooting Rest

BOG-POD CLD-2, Camo Legged Devil Bipod, Tall

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use stick that is made with a durable platform, then this one from BOG-Pod may be a good idea! Anyway, it’s not only ideal for outdoor shooting, but it can also be used for photography. The versatility of this shooting rest is undoubtedly useful for your hobby or maybe, profession.

Well, you can have the discretion to quickly extend the tripod from 22 inches to 68 inches. With the inch markers found in the middle, you can easily adjust its height as well as avoid overextension. Much more, it is made with integrated leg stops.

This only weighs around 32 ounces, so you really don’t have to carry a heavy burden when having this with you, even if it means longer distances. Not to mention, it offers greater versatility that you can utilize it in different positions – standing, sitting, and kneeling!

Much more, the legs can be adjusted up to 60 degrees, and so does that tension so you can get optimum stability and accuracy while shooting or hunting. Of course, the most crucial feature is its durability being made of aluminum legs coated with a matte camo pattern. The foot spikes are screwed out for added strength too.


  • Can be extended up to 68 inches
  • Easy to use
  • Offers flexibility
  • Ensures durability
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lightweight thus portable


  • Does not ensure high-quality materials

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2. Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Series

PRIMOS HUNTING Trigger Stick Gen 3 Series '“ Jim Shockey Tall Tripod

This flexible monopod can allow you to easily adjust it so you can achieve your ideal height using just one hand. With its sophisticated lightweight design, you will surely love how you can use this with ease. Well, it is made with an advanced contoured grip without a slip backbone, so it will be comfortable to use.

The adjustable gun rest can extend up to 62 inches, so you won’t have to worry about your positions. Therefore, even if you’re standing, kneeling, or sitting, this can surely be used. Plus, the rotating joint is strengthened so you can experience smooth panning as well as ensure that it can withstand various conditions.

This trigger stick can be quickly switched from V-yoke to accessory or optics mount. And this can be done in just a push of a button. No complicated process, just one step, and you can get a different function! More excitingly, the V-yoke can be rotated, and the handle can be twisted to ensure that you can aim the target.

There’s more; the legs can be opened up to 45 degrees, and you can even twist them. So, you can use this with extreme positions.


  • Can be adjusted up to 62 degrees
  • Comes with a no-slip backbone for comfort
  • Durable
  • A quick switch from V-yoke to mount
  • Legs can be opened up to 45 degree


  • Quite expensive

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3. Primos Gen 2 Bipod Trigger Stick

Primos Gen 2 Bipod Trigger Stick, 24-61-Inch

The brand itself has been trusted for decades due to its high-quality products as well as sophisticated designs that can withstand extreme conditions, even the toughest environments that you can ever think of.

With just one hand, you can easily adjust the height of the stick to make sure that you get what you aim. More excitingly, it can be adjusted up to 61 inches, so it can be used by many with convenience. All you need to do is to set the height according to your desire.

The V-yoke is detachable, so you can always use it in other devices or tools such as cameras, laser range finders, binoculars, spotting scopes, and other devices that can be mounted in a monopod. Also, it can be rotated up to 360 degrees, which means that it has the flexibility to deal with different situations.

Although it is lighter, it is made to be stronger being made with aluminum legs. Much more, the legs can offer extreme angle adjustments for added versatility. They can also be quiet as ever, so adjusting it won’t bother your target.

Say, for instance, you are photographing a bird, and to let that stay, you need to be very quiet, so do your tools too! Anyway, this equipment is ideal for whatever positions, so it is not really something that you should worry about.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Adjustable up to 61 inches
  • Provides convenience
  • More affordable


  • Not the sturdiest among Primo shooting sticks

4. Swagger Bipods Shooting Sticks for Hunting and Shooting

Swagger - Stalker Lite Shooting Stick, Hunting Bipod

If you’re into sticks that are multi-functional yet less costly, then this product from Swagger may be a good choice for you. This can be used for shooting and hunting animals with an effective shooting range of 21 inches to 36 inches.

Well, it can be easily carried anywhere because of its lightweight design. This is also compact enough to fit your ride. It is also maneuverable so you can bring this in the field.

Being made of the Flex Ready Technology, shooters and hunters can traverse and track a target even if the thing is moving. You can simultaneously ready yourself too. So from the time you notice your aim, there’s no way you can miss it.

Featuring no-touch adjustments, rapid deployment, and flexibility, this shooting stick may not be the most durable in the market, but it will be worth the investment. Wherever you will be hunting, having this with you is a good idea!

Well, it can bear any kinds of terrain conditions – grassy, snowy, wet, rugged, just name it!


  • One of the cheapest
  • Very compact
  • Lightweight
  • Rapid deploy features
  • Can withstand various terrains – even the toughest!


  • Only extendible up to 36 inches
  • Not durable

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5. BOG Adrenaline Switcheroo Shooting Rests

BOG Adrenaline Switcheroo Shooting Rests with Lightweight Aluminum Design, Switcheroo Capability,...

This hunting gear is designed for the “Unknown,” making it a good choice if you’re too obsessed with the hobby. Well, this is engineered with all kinds of situations in mind, thereby ensuring that it is flexible enough to fit your desire.

Since you’re here for the elk, this equipment can really fit in, especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Built for optimum versatility, stability, and portability, there is nothing more that you can ask for. This features retractable foot spikes, lever leg locks, and the Switcheroo system.

Just a glimpse of the Switcheroo system, and it can allow you to quickly change from USR shooting yoke to optics accessories. This gives you the flexibility to utilize it in different modes. Simply put, this can be used not only for shooting but also for photographing as well as in other devices that can be mounted such as binoculars.

Much more, the yoke can be rotated up to 360 degrees without compromising a strong grip. The legs also come with foam grips and lever rocks, so you are assured of stability and ease of setup. This is perfect for standing, kneeling, and sitting too.


  • Can be extended up to 62 inches
  • Lightweight; can be easily carried anywhere
  • Very affordable compared to others on the market
  • Portable enough
  • Versatile; can quickly change settings


  • May not be the most durable

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6. High & Heavy Outdoors Double Crossed Shooting Sticks-DBC36

High & Heavy Outdoors Double Crossed Shooting Sticks-DBC36

If you are looking for a shooting stick that is specifically designed for ethical hunting shots and long-range accuracy, this one from High & Heavy Outdoors may be good for you!

This is lightweight enough so you can carry it wherever you go. You definitely won’t find it hard to bring this handy equipment, weighing only 12.5 ounces. It has two points of contact, unlike other typical shooting sticks that come with only one. This only indicates that it can provide you stability twice the normal.

The collapsed length is only 20 inches and extendible up to 37 inches. So whether you’re hunting Dall sheep, whitetails, or elk in the rocky mountains, you can make the most out of it. Also, it will not bear a heavy burden in your back due to its portability.

Much more, this is made of optimal high-quality aluminum that ensures durability. So you are sure that it can withstand various conditions. Also, the gun rest is made with rubber yolks making it firm enough to grip and hold your gun. Not to mention, it is rigid enough to take those angled shots.


  • Ensures accuracy
  • Lightweight to bring anywhere with ease
  • Two points of contact
  • High-quality aluminum
  • Soft and comfortable gri


  • Shorter range

7. Primos Pole Cat Steady Stix Magnum Bipod

Primos Hunting Pole Cat Steady Stix Magnum Bipod, Black (65489)

Are you looking for feather-light, lightning fast, and rock steady shooting stick? Good thing that you reached this far. This bipod from Primos Pole is undoubtedly a good idea!

Well, all products from this brand are made of high-quality materials, so you should expect that it applies to this one as well. You are ensured that it can withstand various environments and situations, even the toughest that you could think of! So whether you’re a casual, recreational user, or a pro, this model will certainly fit you.

With an overall height of 40 inches, this is ideal for sitting or kneeling too. It features portability so that you can fold it down up to 15 inches. Just come to imagine how easy it would be to carry a stick with such a height. Anyway, it is made with a larger diameter tubing to ensure support and strength.

This has been hunter-approved and field-tested, which makes it an ideal choice for everyone. More importantly, its price is very affordable without compromising an optimum quality. This will definitely make your money’s worth it!


  • Rapid mobility
  • Lightweight
  • Can withstand various conditions
  • Made of extreme-duty materials
  • Affordable


  • Not be the most stable shooting stick

8. Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Ambidextrous Rifle Shooting Rest

Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Adjustable Ambidextrous Rifle Shooting Rest for Outdoor Range and Hunting

If you are fond of hunting or outdoor range and you’re looking for only the best shooting rest, then this product from Caldwell may be a good idea! Weighing only less than 6 pounds, you probably can bring this anywhere you go.

Not to mention, it can be adjusted up to 42 inches high, so you have a wide range of discretion in setting its height that you are comfortable the most. This also features accuracy, making it ideal for shooting. It has a dual frame construction to provide you optimum stability.

Much more, this is non-destructive too. The rest is made with a heavy-duty finish to secure the grip of your gun even after every shot. You won’t worry about it getting damaged after a few uses.

Moreover, it is very easy to use. The tension knob is situated for you to conveniently adjust it whenever necessary. Not to mention, the rest is durable and lightweight as well as easy to fold so you can easily transport it with ease.

Finally, this is versatile enough to fit with any rifle sizes. It is compatible with crossbows and magazine rifles, too, making the rest a good choice for turkey and predator hunting, ground blinds, and long-range shooting!


  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Ensures you can hit the target with accuracy
  • Non-destructive due to its heavy construction
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile enough to use in various shooting games


  • Shorter range compared to others in the list

9. Ultrec Tripod Shooting Sticks

Ultrec Pro-Hunter Tripod Shooting Sticks

This multi-functional stick is an excellent option if you want a bipod, tripod, and monopod in one. It can be adjusted up to 68 inches so you can use it with long-range shooting. This comes with rubberized gun support not only for protection but also to ensure quite an operation.

More excitingly, the gun support can be rotated up to 360 degrees. This can allow you to easily align with your target. Each leg contains a center tube that is scale printed to ensure balance or level when in use. Not to mention, they are also designed with the twist-lock mechanism.

Since it is made with rubber feet, this can surely grip on various surfaces. Also, it includes Velcro straps, so the legs are securely closed, especially when you are carrying it. Well, it is lightweight, too, weighing only 29 ounces. This only means that you can easily and comfortably bring this anywhere, especially hunting.

Finally, this can be used in whatever positions, so even when you’re standing, sitting, or kneeling, there would be no problem at all. Perhaps, this is affordable enough, given all of its great features!


  • Affordability
  • Made of aluminum
  • Can be extended up to 68 inches
  • Easy adjustment
  • Offers rotation up to 360 degrees


  • Not really good for long-term use

10. Hammers Telescopic Collapsible Shooting Stick

Hammers Telescopic Collapisble Shooting Stick Monopod Gun Pod w/V Yoke Rest Mount

This product from Hammers is made of lightweight materials, making it one of the most portable sticks in the market. But it does not compromise its quality as it is made of aluminum alloy, thereby ensuring durability.

Well, this can be used as a monopod and a shooting stick at the same time, which only indicates its versatility of use. The topmost portion of this stick is mounted with a yoke to ensure that you have a steady platform while in use.

This only makes it an ideal choice for shooting even if you’re in an off-hand position. It is just an indication that the impact of the wobble factor is greatly reduced! So if you are fond of a handgun, muzzleloader, or rifle, this is undoubtedly a good choice.

Much more, it can be extended up to 63 ½ inches making it ideal if you are tall. And perhaps, this is the best among the rest in this list when it comes to extendible height! Well, it can work well in various positions giving you comfort while using this.

Much more, you don’t need to bring a hiking stick because this item can be used as one. It only means that it can serve you dual purpose while you’re on a hunting trip. And that’s a bonus, especially because it also comes with an affordable cost.


  • Tubing is made of aluminum alloy
  • Camera mount stud included
  • Can be used as a hiking stick
  • Affordable
  • Extendable up to 63 ½ inches


  • May not last long

Features to Look for Before Buying Shooting Stick

Features to Look for Before Buying Shooting Stick

If you have a shooting stick, you probably can make the work done with ease. But given there are lots of models that you can choose from in the market, this may become a challenging task. And you just can’t buy one because it dubbed itself as the best. Before deciding to go for one, here are the things that you should consider:


Who would not want something that will last for a longer period? Well, most of the sticks are made with aluminum or carbon. Although the weight is also an important consideration, opting for a stick made of an aluminum alloy may be a good choice because it’s durable, and it promotes stability and longevity.

Yoke or Carriage

Indeed, every shooting stick comes with yoke or carriage with varying designs and shapes. Look for one that can be rotated up to 360 degrees so you can aim in different directions, especially if you aim up or down. This is also crucial, so you won’t be needing to move your stand all the time.

Any person who’s up for hunting can relate to why flexibility is very important. You can never predict the movement of your target, so it is better to have the best tool that can be on the go, whatever will be the situation. And yes, look for a stick that comes with a versatile yoke.

Legs and Tips

The most crucial parts of the shooting stick are the legs. This only shows that you need to consider one that provides strength and stability. At the same time, the legs of the stick should be able to stand for a longer period. If it is strong enough, it can carry the weight of its load.

You should be aware of this, especially if your gun is quite heavy. Of course, look for adjustable legs. Well, all of the items in this list are adjustable though their maximum height varies. Remember, the more it is adjustable, the higher the height it can handle, and the better it can allow you to shoot in numerous heights.

Maneuverability and Lightweight

Since shooting sticks are generally created for outdoor use, you need to ensure the ease whenever you carry your unit. Well, you won’t be needing excess weight whenever you have to walk long distances, especially if you’re hunting. It is also a big NO when your stick is heavy, as it will affect your performance.

How would you be able to move it in different directions if you, yourself, can’t even lift it easily? Anyway, heavier sticks may also be a good choice if you intend to stay in a certain spot. But if not, try your best to look for one that is not just lightweight but also provides better maneuverability.

Purpose or Target

The main reason why you will be hunting matters when choosing a shooting stick. This is because every shooting stick comes with varying features. Say, for instance, if you are planning to perform long-range shooting, you may need one that allows for easy and several adjustment options.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to use the stick unto your crossbow or shotgun, you may need a stick that can be adjusted easily or maybe one that is not adjustable at all. Well, shooting at close distances requires you to be aware of your movement as you can spook game animals.

Types of Shooting Sticks

Types of Shooting Sticks

Well, you cannot just buy any shooting stick because you still need to know the type that you need. Generally, there are three kinds of shooting sticks, including bipods, tripods, and field pods. Let us find out more about each of them!


From the root word ‘bi’, this means that it comes with two legs, obviously! Anyway, this usually has a handle so it can be held steadily when in use. Also, it offers good support to weapons such as machine guns and rifles.


Since this comes with three legs, it doesn’t require a handle. It can just stand on its own with ease and without support. Usually, machine guns utilize tripods. However, most hunting weapons also use the same.

Field Pods

If you want a stick that is particularly designed for long-distance shooting and maximum accuracy, this kind of stick may be a good choice. But then, it is larger compared to the two kinds making it not portable enough to carry just anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shooting sticks any good?

When hunting elk, you need to make more accurate shots. Otherwise, you will never get your target. Since the weight of a stick is not that heavier than you think, in most cases, this is ideal for long-range shooting given its stability. These are just a few reasons why shooting sticks are good.

Can I use a camera tripod for a rifle?

Of course. A pro-grade photography tripod may be utilized for your gun, but it’s always a good idea to prefer one that is specifically designed for gun use.

Why will I need a fast shooting stick?

Since your target may be unpredictable, you need to make adjustments of your stick at a faster pace. Otherwise, you will miss the chance to hit your aim.

Is it a worthy investment if I’m hunting for elk?

Yes. Your gun may be too heavy. Or even if it is lightweight, you still cannot be sure about accuracy. But with a shooting stick, you won’t need to carry all the burden, and it can also promote your accuracy, thereby making your hunting experience an ideal one!

Can all the products support any shooting position?

In this list, all the shooting sticks can support any shooting position. So even if you’re standing, sitting, or kneeling, you can surely use all of them with ease. But take note that not all shooting sticks that you can find in the market can support the same.

Final Words

Hunting is fun, but you will need the right equipment to ensure accurate shooting. Perhaps, knowing some of the shooting sticks for elk hunting is a good idea. You just cannot buy what you can see in the market. Always see to it that you only get the best. Have a great time doing your pick!

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