Geissele G2S vs SSA – What’s the Difference? – 2023 Guide

A part of the rifle most people often forget about is a trigger. It is after they start using the product when they realize the mistake — the trigger either is too tight, too small, or too slippery for one’s preference.

However, we are here to stop you from making that sort of mistake and discuss the importance of a good quality trigger. But if you start doing any sort of research, it will be evident that most people wonder about Geissele G2S vs SSA models.

For good reasons, these two models are often paired together, and if you, like many, want some clarification, then this article will be a good read.
We will be showcasing products for each model in hopes that you can pick a suitable one.

Geissele G2S Review

Customization is an amazing feature, and the beauty of using hand rifles and guns is how you can pick and choose almost all of its parts.

However, one might be interested in customizing without shilling tons of dollars. In such cases, the G2S model will be quite handy.

It is an amazing product line of Geissele, which has the brand’s core features, but the pricing is made more convenient so people from different segments can enjoy their product.

So, you will not have to worry about quality while buying this item in an affordable range.

Moreover, the trigger’s function is apparent in the name, and it is a two-stage model.

Two stages essentially mean that when you press on the lever, it will not fire immediately. So, the first stage acts as a protective feature and a restrain.


The weight distribution during the two stages is also different. However, the overall pull weight is 4.5 lbs, and that is non-adjustable.

So, you cannot tweak the tool to increase or decrease the pulling resistance.

Another defining feature of this product is its curved trigger. It is particularly suitable if you have trouble placing your fingers precisely.

The curve instinctively allows the users to place the finger on the right spot, so it becomes easier to pull.

Moreover, the entire object is also machinated steel. The absence of hand-craft ensures reliable modeling for every piece, and the edges come out smooth and round every time. So, the chances of cutting a finger from a rough edge are practically null.

Apart from being affordable, this model is also user-friendly.

It will not need extra tools or extensions for attachment. With the help of a mill-spec pin and proper size, you can easily connect it with various AR-platform ammunition. However, there are no laser etchings on the trigger, so identifying the right side might be challenging.


  • Machinated smooth edges
  • Affordable
  • 4.5 lbs trigger pull
  • Curved trigger design
  • Easy installation


  • Does not have any laser etchings

Geissele SSA Review

If you liked the overall feel and look of the previous model but wanted a trigger that is a bit more sophisticated, then we highly suggest going for the SSA one by Geissele.

It has all the features, but a bit pumped up to give you the ultimate satisfaction.

Like the previous model, this one is also a two-stage pulling lever. So, one has the satisfaction of not accidentally indulging in misfiring.

The weight between the two stages is also different when the most weight is needed for the initial action.

The break weight is subsequently less, but the total weight is about 4.5 lbs, which is not very troublesome. In fact, this model is quite suitable for combat purposes, not only for its safety but also for versatility.

It is quite compatible with various rifles, mostly AR-platform ones, so if you happen to like the design, you will be able to customize the rifle. However, you cannot adjust the trigger itself since it is non-adjusting. Regardless, it is still a worthwhile purchase.


Speaking of design, this model is also a curved lever, which ensures precision.

When you place your finger, the curve helps you to exert the perfect weight and allows a seamless force transition to fire the rifle.

It is also a semi-automatic trigger, which means that there is no need to set the product piece by piece when you have to install it.

One can use a mill-spec pin to finish the task with ease, and you will get the pin with purchase as well.

Besides that, users can remain worry-free about the quality of the product.

It utilizes tool steel of the highest quality, and manufacturing is done completely by machines. So the chances of rough edges are minimum.


  • Versatile trigger adjusts with different rifles
  • Two-stage lever action
  • Durable and sturdy tool steel
  • Curved shape helps in positioning
  • Distinct break weight


  • Non-adjustable trigger

Geissele G2S vs SSA Comparison


These two products are quite similar in appearance, yet they have some differences that we thought were worth mentioning.


There is not much difference in the shape of these two items. In fact, the shape is what sets them apart from the crowd.

Traditionally a curved trigger is what most people are accustomed to. So, if you wanted a new product that does not require a learning curve, then we highly recommend you go for either of these models.

The curve especially helps when users are in a rush mode and needs to pull with precision accuracy.

Pulling Weight

However, despite the time crunch, one factor where you can always rely on these items is the pulling weight.

Both models feature a two-step design. So, you need to pass through the first step of weight before the break actually happens.

So, if users do not want the additional step, they can always choose a single-stage trigger. In that case, none of our suggested models will be your favorite.

On the other hand, if one does not mind the slight delay, then two stages of pulling weight are highly secure.


Once again, there is not much that defines the two items differently. You can use the product for combat situations or house safety needs.

They are highly versatile as well. However, the G2S is a more affordable product from Geissele. You will also see that there are components such as laser etchings missing in this model for its affordability.

So, if you do not mind shelling a bit more cash and the laser etching is absolutely important, then SSA will be ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the pulling weight?

No, these are non-adjustable triggers.

Is it time-consuming to use a two-stage trigger?

It does not consume much time at all, rather acts as a safety feature.

Will the installation be hard?

No, users can utilize the mil-spec pin that comes with the purchase to install the trigger.

Does a curved lever help?

Yes, the curved edge helps users to exert force with precision.

Will the trigger be slippery?

Although the trigger has smooth edges, it will not be slippery.

Final Words

So, it is clear that between Geissele G2S vs SSA models, there is no groundbreaking difference. One model is simply more pricy than the other, and choosing will depend on how much you as a consumer would like to spend.

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