How Much Do Hunting Bows Cost?

Using bows for hunting is a popular choice among hunters in the 21st century. The discovery of hunting bows goes back to ancient times, yet it remains widely sought-after even today. However, selecting the best bow on a budget for hunting might seem like a daunting task.

There are a lot of options to choose from and a variety of arrows to pair it up with. The opportunity for customization is boundless too. To top it off, there are also a bunch of external factors that are needed to be considered when selecting a hunting bow.

Read on to find out how much hunting bows cost and how you can select the best budget bow for hunting.

Which Bows Are Best for Hunting?

Which Bows Are Best for Hunting

It can be said that all bows can be used for hunting. However, there are lots of bows that are manufactured solely for the purpose of archery.

Furthermore, there have been a lot of improvements made to bows over the years, which makes them significantly better than the ancient longbow for hunting. The following types of bows are best when it comes to hunting:

Recurve Bow

The recurve bow is an excellent hunting bow that is well-known for its superior speed; the angular limbs of the hunting bow provide an amazing propulsion rate, which gives the recurve bow a significant edge over other hunting bows in regards to its velocity.

Stock recurve bows are sufficient in itself for hunting. However, users can customize them with sights and resting places for arrows. The recurve bow also happens to be very lightweight compared to its competitors, making it easier to carry. A unique trait of the recurve bow is its comfort in bow fishing.

Compound Bow

The compound bow is a far cry from the conventional bow. Comprised of five different components, the compound bow is an excellent example of the evolution of hunting bows.

When first created back in the 1960s, the compound bow was made of wood. However, it is now available in the 21st century in fiberglass and resin, which makes it stronger, durable, and more effective. Each part of the compound bow serves an important purpose.

Moreover, the riser plays as the foundation of this hunting bow with all other limbs attached to it and other accessories such as sights, stabilizers, and arrow rests. The wheels of the compound bow are the powerhouse of this hunting bow. Pulling on the strings will cause them to rotate and store energy in the limbs.

Releasing the string would cause the limbs to revert back to their previous position through springing and the wheels to rotate forward, giving the arrows a boost in acceleration.

And the workings of the compound bow are certainly more complicated than other hunting bows. Its complexity also makes it the most accurate hunting bow as well.


Regardless of what purists might say, crossbows are, in fact, hunting bows. The design of crossbows is similar to that of a compound bow if it was picked up horizontally and fitted with a stock and a trigger instead of a mechanical draw.

The crossbows are much more comfortable for use than other hunting bows for its semi-automatic firing range. Crossbow bolts are also shorter than the arrows of other hunting bows.

How Much Do Hunting Bows Cost?

Buying the most budget-friendly hunting bow does not necessarily mean that it would be the best bow on a budget for hunting. There are a few factors you need to keep in mind when looking to buy hunting bows.

If you’re someone who’s underweight, then recurve bows would be ideal for hunting. Crossbows are great for hunting for arrows but take a lot of time to reload.
Compound bows are great for hunting, but only if you’ve got great upper-body strength.

Price-wise, recurve bows are the cheapest with prices going as low as USD 89.99, compound bows starting price is USD 250, and crossbows are the most expensive for hunting with the price range starting at USD 459.99.

The prices of these hunting bows will significantly increase if purchases are made with accessories.
Comparatively, recurve bows are much more budget-friendly due to its low maintenance cost. Considering its light weight and speed advantage, recurve bows are the best hunting bows for beginners who are also looking forward to developing their archery skills manually.


The cost of hunting bows varies a lot. However, it won’t take you much to start your journey in hunting with bows. Purchase a simple recurve hunting bow and hit the forests today!

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